Precision Screw and Machine Products

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C&C Automatics, Inc. is committed to providing machined parts that meet all customer requirements and specifications with on time delivery and proper documentation.  C&C Automatics, Inc. supports the provision of finely machined parts to their customers with satisfying service and responsiveness.

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction and to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.  We are committed to meeting the objectives and goals of this policy.  We continually improve in the attainment of these objectives.

All procedures and activities are conducted in light of the policy objectives and goals.

Employees are educated in the meaning and application of the quality policy.  The understanding of this policy is investigated during internal audits.

The metrics, measurement and analysis procedures, and the management reviews constitute the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. 

The continuing suitability of the quality policy and the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting the objectives and spirit of the policy are evaluated during management reviews. 

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